Saturday, November 7, 2009

Royal Wood & Rose Cousins Western Canadian Tour

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Royal Wood is currently on a cross-Canada tour and will touch down on the west coast mid-November. He is being supported by Rose Cousins, who's currently promoting her new record named The Send Off.

Royal Wood has been compared to the likes of Ron Sexsmith, the Beatles to Rufus Wainwright, and is hailed for his prowess as a multi-instrumentalist, vocal styling and catchy lyrics. In his previous albums, Wood had enlisted the help of fellow artists such as Hawksley Workman, In-Flight Safety and Valery Gore.

Rose Cousins, recently known for her vocals in Joel Plaskett's Polaris short-listed Three, is a well-established Atlantic Canadian singer-songwriter in her own right. With 5 albums under her belt, her warm and clear voice can also be found on albums of other Canadian artists like Jenn Grant, Old Man Leudecke, Matt Mays and Jill Barber.

If you're not completely convinced to go to the shows by these artists' accolades alone, take a listen to their respective albums streaming on their websites. Royal Wood here, and Rose Cousins here (player at bottom). You can also check out their Myspace:
Royal Wood
Rose Cousins

Here are the upcoming dates featuring both artists (links lead to Facebook events w/ ticket information):

Nov 17th, Media Club, Vancouver, BC
Nov 18th, Communitea Café, Canmore, AB
Nov 19th, Marquee, Calgary, AB
Nov 20th, Haven, Edmonton, AB
Nov 21st, Haven, Edmonton, AB
Nov 23rd, Lydia’s Loft, Saskatoon, SK
Nov 24th, The Exchange, Regina, SK
Nov 25th, The Park Theatre, Winnipeg, MB