Sunday, February 14, 2010

Live Blogging Olympic Music : Hey Ocean! & First Canadian Medal!

February 13 marks the first Canadian medal - a silver - in the 2010 Olympic Games. Jennifer Heil won it for women's moguls skiing. Congratulations! When the medal was announced, a loud sustained roar rang throughout the O Zone, briefly confusing Hey Ocean! on stage.

Onto the music; Vancouver's own Hey Ocean! braved the pelting rain and wind, playing to a massive crowd at the Richmond O Zone. They were opening for Bedouin Soundclash. As the Dutch filtered out from the Holland Heineken House (ridiculously full), HO! saw their crowd size swell throughout the set. Not to say that they didn't draw a sizable crowd of their own; it was clear from the adolescent crowd that many had ventured from Richmond and nearby Vancouver and its suburbs to see this young and energetic band put on their famed live shows. And although they weren't able to bring out the sunshine in actuality, they sure kept the crowd warm with spirited pop songs guaranteed to move feet and shuffle bodies.

Hey Ocean! played a long set which featured a large amount of new songs, including the delightful "Bicycle Song" and "Uh Oh" which they had previously played live, as well as other ones that were brand new to me. And of course, they played mainstay favourites such as "Beatboxer (Who Broke My Heart)," "Alleyway" -- which inspired the obligatory lighter-waving -- and "A Song About California."

They even busted out a very enjoyable cover of The Cardigans' "Love Fool," which was very apt for the eve of Valentine's Day. If the crowd around me is any indication, many boys were smitten by Ashleigh Ball, who oozed her characteristic unassuming sex appeal, which was especially evident during this cover.

They also took the time to introduce Adam Cormier, their new drummer. Adam won over the crowd with an extended drum solo which ended with him doing a somersault. I assure you, with his afro-like mass of hair, it was very endearing.

Hey Ocean!, as one may have guessed by the sheer amount of new material, are in the process of releasing a new album, likely sometime in later in 2010. Until then, you can hear them in one of the two other Olympic shows they're playing-- February 19th at Robson Square, or Feb. 20th at Surrey 2010 Celebration Stage.

As for those of you wondering about Bedouin Soundclash, sorry to disappoint. I had to leave the crowd after HO!'s set because when you mix teenagers with alcohol, you get another different beast altogether-- a really annoying one.