Friday, April 2, 2010

VIDEOS : Patrick Watson in a bar & Bonfire Ball favourites

Wow. Patrick Watson's drummer/percussionist Robbie Kuster never ceases to amaze me with his inventive accompaniment to Watson's floating falsetto. In this video courtesy of Watsonia, Kuster uses wine glasses to lay down a beat for "Big Bird in a Small Cage," played in a Japanese bar.

As an aside, if you go to, the results are pretty funny.

Patrick Watson & The Wooden Arms-Big Bird In A Small Cage (Bar session in Shibuya,Tokyo 2010) from Qetic Channel on Vimeo.

And of course, I'm not yet over my love-fest with the men of the Bonfire Ball. And of course, after such phenomenal shows, I think I'm allowed a good recovery period!

Like I previously mentioned, Afie Jurvanen, aka. Bahamas, does this cover of Al Green's "I've Never Found a Girl (Who Loves Me Like You Do)" which leaves no women and few men unmelted.

Next we have 2 new songs from Bahamas, which aren't on his current (and only) album Pink Strat. Tentative titles: "I've Got You" and "Never Again." I remember slow dancing to these songs during the show, and although the recording is not optimal, I assure you they were lovely.

Jason Collett does "Rave On Sad Songs" from his latest, fantastic album Rat a Tat Tat:

Zeus playing "I Know" off of their EP Sounds Like Zeus as well as their latest full-length Say Us. Featuring Carlin Nicholson on vocals and keys: