Saturday, November 6, 2010

i(heart)music's Hottest Bands in Canada, 2010 Edition

As previously alluded, I had the pleasure of contributing to i(heart)music's annual list of Hottest Canadian Acts. The top 33 list is now up, and I think you'll find that the top end of the list comes as little surprise, and judging by the amount of comments under each artist, there was great consensus between voters. Only one of my top 10 choices didn't make it in: the wonderfully warm and nostalgic The Wooden Sky.

Voters were bloggers and general music-type people from across Canada.  In no particular order: Jim from Quick Before It MeltsSaid The Gramophone's Sean Michaels; Fran├žois from Apartment 613; James, host of CHUO's Mixtape Sessions; Brenda from Earbuds & Ticket Stubs; Ryan Breese, host of CKCU's Whatever's Cool With Me; Nat Cap Rock's Andrew Carver; Ming Wu of Photog Music; Michael from Radio Free Canuckistan; Vancouver music freelancer Amanda Ash; Bootlog Rod; Toronto photographer Pete Nema; Indie Music Filter's Chris; Alex from Chipped Hip; If The Music's Loud Enough's Ian; Adrien from Pop Matters; Joe of Mechanical Forest Sound; Ca Va Cool's Daniel Hernandez; Melody from; From Blown Speakers' Quinn; Mykael of Painting Over Silence; David of Exclaim!; Moncton DJ/photographer/all-around music guy Marc-Xavier Leblanc (aka bones); and last but definitely not least, Frank Chromewaves.

Not to spoil anything, but you can probably guess who #1 is. Check out the rest of the list here!