Monday, March 30, 2009

Joel Plaskett: "Three"

I'm the Berlin Wall, I'm a communist
You're a wrecking ball in a summer dress

I thought I'd start this blog off on a good note, coming off of the most packed musical weekend of my life thus far... i.e. Juno weekend! My very ambivalent feelings towards that will come in the next post when I get home.

Joel Plaskett does an interview with The Globe and Mail about his latest triple-disk release Three.
A songwriter's holy trinity

Do good things come in three? Dartmouth-based singer-songwriter and rocker Joel Plaskett believes they do. He's just released Three, the follow-up to 2007's Polaris Prize-nominated Ashtray Rock. It's a triple album that loosely documents the three-sided life and journey of a touring musician.

I got the album in the mail (along with concert tickets and autographed liner notes) as part of a package on Maple Music, which made me feel like some kind of industry insider with the inside of the industry. Through & Through & Through, the first single off the first CD, had already been on CBCR3 and The Peak for about 3 weeks. It was even a free track of the week on iTunes which drove my hype meter up like, 34 notches. Everything that immediately catches my attention were present in this song, namely Plaskett's playful drawl-y voice, the back-up vocals of 2 lovely artists in their own right, a wicked horn section and witty lyrics.

The album does not disappoint at all. There's even an epic send-off, On & On & On, a 13-minute track that sounds like Plaskett and co. just kept jamming, stringing together whatever inspiration that struck in the moment. It's glorious. A definite departure from his stuff with the Emergency, and my favorite of his solo career by far.