Monday, March 30, 2009

Juno weekend review (a prelude)

My tweet about the Juno awards ceremony got quoted by Grant Lawrence on CBC R3 blog, which makes me very happy because it almost legitimizes my online quips.

And here are some of my favourite Juno-reaction Tweets that I received last night:
jimbryson: "The Juno set says one thing to me: 'Jungle Book on ice'".
amandaputz: "Stills could use autotune and red carpet class".
knottyn3rb: "Nickelback doesn't need more awards. They need talent and respect for women".

Wow, quoted right after a talented musician and a (former) CBC R3 host. My ego feels slightly more inflated... but just a little. :)


[Edit] Later on during work-- because working for the gov't means you have plenty of free time

Re: an emailer's comment that people who vocally disliked the Juno awards are being "sour grapes"

I agree somewhat with your comment. If the complaints about the Junos were simply because the people we want to win didn't, then it would be juvenile. And fan awards should be given to the one with the most votes; no matter how distasteful the choice, it is by vote.
However, I have a problem with mediocrity being awarded, as well as mainstream radio choices being pushed as "Canadian musical diversity." The Juno for album of the year was between Nickelback, Hedley and Simple Plan and I'm being told that there's representative variety there? If our awards do not reflect our vast talent, why have them?
My final beef (for now) with this specific Juno awards is with the lack of respect, no matter what your standpoint on certain issues. Russell Peters and his obnoxious amount of pot jokes does not do any justice to the push to decriminalize marijuana. The awful Much Music guy's comments about how he wants to hump every living male in the stadium don't do jack for gay rights. Nickelback's song "Something in your mouth" with gyrating suggestive female imagery -- come on, really? It wasn't just my musical taste that was soured, but my moral fibers as well.