Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some international love for JPE

Exciting news for fans of Joel Plaskett Emergency, and rock fans all over:
they are opening for Sir Paul fricking McCartney on July 11th at the Halifax Commons!

Tweeted by Dave Marsh, drummer for the Emergency.

According to CBC Radio 3,
Plaskett says he's "pretty damn excited". The show will be full-on "guys and dolls" Plaskett... the Emergency and the current 3 touring line-up of Rose Cousins, Anna Egge, and Joel's father Bill.
In related news, it's always nice when one of our lovely Canadian gems gets recognized beyond our borders. Perez Hilton has nothing but nice things to say about Joel Plaskett (& the Emergency).

And now for some local love,

In case anyone can't tell from my previous fan girl posts (... and this current one), I'm rooting for Mr. Plaskett to go all the way for the 2009 Polaris Prize.

Below is his playful video for the first single off Three, "Through & Through & Through," which showcases the coast and sceneries of his lovely hometown of Halifax. True patriot/Plaskett love, ah la la la la la!

P.S. (Two days later) -- Total side note, but MGMT is opening for Paul McCartney as well in Boston's Fenway Park for two shows. Maybe I should start listening to more Wings & Beatles.