Thursday, August 6, 2009

Since Twitter is down

Twitter-like music updates:

Not the greatest shots from @samrobertsband, @mothermother & @arkellsmusic concert @ Deer Lake, but heck of a concert :)

Check out my phone interview with @GrantLCBCR3 on @CBCRadio3 about the above concert

Just got 25 free songs off eMusic (just cancel plan after trial). Including Peter Elkas' Poor Young Things. Not all of us have record player.

Vancouverites: anyone else going to Basia Bulat and/or Final Fantasy shows in September? Almost back to back (to school special).

Don't forget to sign up for @CBCRadio3's email newsletters! Free mp3 from @saidthewhale this week.

Check out the latest Green Brief about the situation in Iran. Greatest shame about #twitterfail is the lack of communication.

Just pre-ordered @danmanganmusic's Nice, Nice, Very Nice and you should too if you like talented husky-voiced singer-songwriters!

RT wowow @Sojourners A Meditation on Christian Extremism: Blackwater and the Bonhoeffer 4 #FF #Follow Friday