Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thrush Hermit - Toronto Dates Added

In addition to:

• March 18th, 2010   Thrush Hermit @ The Manhattan Club  Moncton, New Brunswick 
• March 19th, 2010   Thrush Hermit @ The Paragon Theatre  Halifax, NS  
• March 20th, 2010   Thrush Hermit @ The Paragon Theatre  Halifax, NS 
• March 23rd, 2010   Thrush Hermit @ Starlight Club  Waterloo, Ontario 
• March 24th, 2010   Thrush Hermit @ Red Dog Tavern  Peterborough, Ontario
• March 25th, 2010   Thrush Hermit @ Capitol  Ottawa, Ontario

NOTE: To Thrush Hermit Fans in Western Canada and International Locations, we apologize; however, there are no plans to add additional Thrush Hermit performances to the tour.

Public Ticket Sales start on Friday, so you only have a few days left to take advantage of the Advance Ticket Bundles ( bundle prices vary ) which include one general admission ticket and one styling Thrush Hermit T-Shirt on the Maple Music website.


In its near-decade of existence, Thrush Hermit evolved from suburban East Coast teenagers churning out hyperactive inside-joke noise to one of Canada’s most beloved rock bands. Always valuing camaraderie over careerism, Joel Plaskett, Rob Benvie, Ian McGettigan, and Cliff Gibb will briefly reunite for a string of shows in March 2010, a stint that promises to be a meltdown of nostalgia, thrills, and proof that the Hermit can still help the masses Learn to Party. 

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