Friday, February 4, 2011

CBC Radio 3 Searchlight Contest : Best Music Website in Canada

A big thank you to you kind readers who have nominated earbuds & ticket stubs for the long list of CBC Radio 3's Searchlight contest for the best music website in Canada! I'm overwhelmed and very grateful. You can vote for your favourite music websites here. You can vote once per day. I know I will be using that opportunity to vote for the many great sites that support Canadian music. Like Justin noted on my other musical project North by East West, we're all aiming for the same thing-- the exposure of the Canadian music scene.

Please support the good folks who love to bring you Canadian music-- vote, donate some money and spread the good word! (on twitter, please use hashtag #Searchlight)

To reiterate for those who may be coming across the blog for the first time, earbuds & ticket stubs is a Vancouver-based music blog by Brenda Lee. It's currently not at full capacity as I'm currently abroad visiting family in Taiwan... but I can't resist when something good lands in my inbox! For more information about myself and the blog, check out the About Me page.

So thanks again! It's all up to your votes! What should I do if I win? Donate my accolades to charity? Throw a Skype party? Feel free to suggest anything in the comments!