Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NEW ALBUM : Peter Elkas - Repeat Offender

The incredibly dreamy Toronto crooner/rocker Peter Elkas is set to release his third solo album on February 22 named Repeat Offender (New Scotland Records). If you head over to Exclaim!, they've got the lead single "Cool Thing to Do" for free download.

The album cover above alludes to Elkas' day job as a dog walker-- seriously, can this story get any better? Watch an R3TV episode featuring Peter and his dogs below.

Repeat Offender track list:

1. "Anticipation"
2. "Cruel Thing to Do"
3. "Blue Of You"
4. "Tiny Valentine"
5. "Misery"
6. "Melody"
7. "Repeat Offender"
8. "Hummingbirds"
9. "Atlas"
10. "Cool Thing to Do"