Friday, April 17, 2009

NxEW & Other music news

North by East West
A geographically impossible blog for a geographically impossible country.

The subtitle says it all: Canadiana, music and a healthy dash of wit. I think I've found my avenue to attaining press passes to concerts... bwahahaha.

We're officially a month old as of this coming Monday (horn is tooted). And there's already 47 contributors and 196 entries (and growing!). We have readers from Japan (most hits), Canada (duh), the States, France, and wherever DE is (I think it's Germany), which is pretty neat.

A couple of things to note:
- The first podcast!
- Of those 196 blog entries, I've made 3. 2 of those have been around exam time, and 1 written at work. I know my priorities.
Hello World! : Reaching Across the musical expanse...
Sam Roberts: "Best Frontman In Music"
Private Metric Shows In Western Canada

To wrap it up, tomorrow's International Record Store Day! Go buy a CD or two... preferably two because university exam season is conveniently smack dab in the middle of everything fun. So buy one for me in spirit. (I recommend Joel Plaskett's Three for the millionth time.)

But seriously though, the Whistler Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival: Arkells, The Stills, Metric, Shad et al. FOR FREE. And a band called Run GMC which is pretty much the coolest band name ever although I have no clue what they sound like (yet) FOR FREE. CALLING MY NAME. UGH. I hate my life.

who am I kidding? I'm incredibly blessed :)
and Happy IRSD!