Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekly-ish recommendations

Ok, so this is where I'm going to list a couple of songs that have really touched me in the past little while, kind of like an evolving musical diary of what I'm currently listening to.

Why? Well, I've been thinking. The music you listen to really becomes a background track of your daily living; the music that speak into your situations will dig just a little deeper into your eardrums and stay a little longer in your temporal lobes. Reciprocally, those songs will inform the lens in which you view your life events as they come up.

They won't always be new songs; in fact, since I'm just starting out, there'll likely be a few from the archives. I will try to link to the mp3 wherever possible.

And please buy music! =)

Here we go. Week 1.

1. The Weakerthans - Night Windows
The Weakerthans has a wonderful way with words, of turning the mundane into something beautiful. From the haunting echoes of the intro, reminiscent of ticking clocks of the time that crawls by, to the "Remember how... I'm sorry that... I miss the way... Could we?" pleadings of someone who has recently loved and lost. This song speaks in quiet replayed never-to-be-had conversations.

2. Joel Plaskett - All The Way Down The Line
This song from disk 3 of his latest sent shivers down my spine when I first heard it. A lovely melody with an equally lovely ode to a quietly vibrant love. The complementary harmonies in the bridge entwine and emerge as something envious, something divine.

3. Hey Ocean! - Alright
"'Cause you're alright in my eyes, I would forgive you anything. And I will never ever think differently 'bout you babe... no no way... no no way." =)

In case the link doesn't work, and because Hey Ocean!'s strength is in their live performances:

4. Metric - Gimme Sympathy
"Oh, seriously. You're gonna make mistakes, you're young." Looking forward to buying this addictive (so far) album at their show on Thursday!

5. Kathleen Edwards - Sure As Shit
This is a ditty to love, both restrained and free, hopeful yet careful. But it's definitely not vague in its honesty. Indeed, people cuss both offhandedly and to make a point, and this song captures that dichotomy.