Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CBC Radio 3's Extended Play #7: Do Music Bloggers Have All the Power?

CBC Radio 3's Lisa Christiansen (that's her on the left) hosts a really interesting podcast every two weeks named Extended Play. These podcasts focus on issues concerning music, current events and so on, which veers from the Radio 3 norm of musical podcasts. Some issues that have been addressed in the past include technology and music and the "colour" of indie. The most current podcast, available here, features yours truly and focuses on the issue of music criticism and how music blogs such as this one affect the field, the artists, and the readers/music lovers. The podcast also features Carl Wilson of the Globe & Mail, as well as Vancouver band Yukon Blonde.

I encourage you to take a listen and think about the sources of musical information you take in and trust. And while on my little pedestal, make sure you support your favourite music bloggers, either with a nice comment here and there or a drop in the Paypal bucket. It goes a long way for those of us who don't write to get paid, but to support you, the music lover, and the artists. Thanks for sticking with me!

And also, I want to thank CBC Radio 3 for finding new and innovative ways to support not only artists, but Canadian music lovers such as myself as well. Grant Lawrence in particular has put me on the air several times to mention the blog, as well as provided vital advice. Please remember that when you hear about budget cuts to the CBC.