Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NEW ALBUM : Stars announce The Five Ghosts

Montreal's pop supergroup Stars have released details on their new album, which follows on the tails of 2008's beautiful and more experimental Sad Robot EP. If the songs they've played live are any indication, The Five Ghosts seems to have Stars returning to their older, more rock-driven sound.

The Five Ghosts Track List:

1. “Dead Hearts”
2. “Wasted Daylight”
3. “I Died So I Could Haunt You”
4. “Fixed”
5. “We Don't Want Your Body”
6. “He Dreams He's Awake”
7. “Never Been Good With Change”
8. “The Passenger”
9. “The Last Song Ever Written”
10. “How Much More”
11. “Winter Bones”

For more photos (like the above) from Stars' most recent Cultural Olympiad show in Vancouver, check out my Flickr.

Also, check out "Dead Hearts" performed live on CBC Q taping: