Tuesday, March 30, 2010

VIDEOS : a capella You Say Party! We Say Die!, new single from Christina Aguilera

Vancouver band You Say Party! We Say Die! stopped by The New Gay and did an a capella version of their closing track for XXXX named "Heart of Gold." This recording shows that their harmonies hold up surprisingly well, which means that any vocal weaknesses in their live show must be from all the dancing and jumping around that Becky does on stage. A fair trade-off, I think.

And ... I did mention that this blog wasn't 100% Canadian focused... right? Christina Aguilera released her newest single from her website. Her newest effort, named Bionic, is slated to be released on June 8, 2010. Known for reinventing her image and sound, Aguilera went from pop princess to feminist diva, from old school femininity to this latest album, which seems very dance-oriented. Although her most recent greatest hits release was disappointing, I'm hoping this upcoming album will see her tapping into a similar creative vein that was evident in the double-disc Back to Basics.

Christina Aguilera - "Not Myself Tonight"