Friday, July 16, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD : Siskiyou - Great Lake Swimmers side project announce new album

Siskiyou is the music of Colin Huebert in collaboration with Erik Arnesen. Huebert was the drummer for the Great Lake Swimmers up to 2007, and Arnesen is the current guitarist for the Swimmers. Their self-titled album will be released on September 7 2010 by Constellation Records. Huebert, according to the press release, captured recordings of the album "inside stairwells, bathrooms, hotel rooms, and on beaches and rooftops in the greater Vancouver area."

You can preorder the album from their website, and while you're there, listen to a cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "El Condor Pasa." A free download of the track "This Land" below, for the slim price of your email address:

Siskiyou Track Listing:

1. "Funeral Song"
2. "Everything I Have"
3. "Hold It In"
4. "Pull It Away"
5. "It's All Going to End"
6. "Useless Anymore"
7. "This Land"
8. "Never Ever Ever Ever Again"
9. "Inside of the Ocean"
10. "We All Fall Down"
11. "Big Sur"
12. "Brevity and Insult"