Monday, August 23, 2010

NEW VIDEO : Said the Whale - "We Are The Music: Musicians for (spare) Change"

This is too funny. Vancouver favourites Said the Whale grab a bunch of their friends, including Hannah Georgas, Dan Mangan, Bend Sinister, We Are the City, The Awkward Stage, Analog Bell Service, 41st and Home, Parlour Steps and The Zolas to serenade their favourite local Triple-A format radio station, 100.5 The Peak.

In their own words,
In these tough economic times, no one has been affected more than the struggling musician. Thankfully, there's a beacon of hope: A Vancouver radio station called 100.5 The Peak is doing everything in it's power to promote local music, and provide financial stability for the scene. Together, alongside some of Vancouver's favourite artists, we have reached deep into our hearts to create a tribute to this station.
This is our tribute. We hope that you will also reach deep into your hearts, find your inner struggling musician, and join us in this journey towards a world where musicians can live free from the stresses of day jobs, rent payments, and reality in general. There is still hope...