Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Drowning in it

A brief update on what my musical life is like right now: a bit overwhelming.

1) I have not been able to fit all my music on my iPod (my poor little 2G first gen nano) since February 15, according to iTunes. This doesn't include the backlog of CBC Radio 3 sessions and various other podcasts. That's over 50 podcasts and 10 hours of music that I haven't even heard once. Especially since the beginning of concert season and writing for NxEW, I've been bombarded with new CDs and free promotional tracks. I'm dedicating days at a time listening to my playlist of solely new music when at home.

2) Speaking of concert season. Although bummed that I can't make it out to Lollapalooza, Ottawa Bluefest, or even Salmon Arm, I am anticipating seeing (and have seen) some of my favorite artists in smaller, more intimate venues which don't involve fear of trampling. A fellow CBCR3 blogger mentioned that the Joel Plaskett concert is well over 2 hours long (3 hours, hours, hours? Please?) and involves a great deal of comfortable, hilarious banter, so I'm just grasping my tickets and waiting breathlessly until Saturday!

3) Got new earphones today which don't rape my ears then leave me with a migrane. Unlike my last boyfriend. Jokinggggg. They're Sennheisers and cost me $50.

4) Got "The Old Prince" stickers from Shad the other day. Normal mail with delightful contents. Now to decide where to vandalize...