Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who Should Win Polaris?

RE: NxEW's poll!

I'm always tentative to answer these questions, especially since I feel like I have to listen to every single Canadian album released before I can put forward an opinion. And gosh, win? I'm still trying to establish a short list. But I'm just going to put myself out there and vouch for a couple of albums that I've loved this past year. If you've even scanned briefly through this blog, you'll notice that most of these choices have already been mentioned to death, so I'll keep my nominations short.

Metric "Fantasies"
I agree they don't need the recognition, but the album is astounding and deserves any that goes its way.

Joel Plaskett "Three"
IMO it doesn't take even his live performances to hear his skills in stringing concepts and themes throughout his ambitious, thoroughly enjoyable and consistent triple (!!!) record. But, his show definitely sealed the deal for me.

Mother Mother "O My Heart"
Vancouver love!

K'naan "Troubadour"
Generally not a huge fan of hip hop. This was an excellent album though.

Arkells "Jackson Square"
Although I love this album, it wasn't as consistently strong as the others I've mentioned...