Sunday, May 10, 2009

This entry is all about Joel Plaskett

Last night is now the standard; any shows that come after this point have a hell of a high bar to reach. Each musician was distinguished in their own right and each shared the spotlight. There was no ego, just a lot of laughs (some during songs), a lot of singing and impromptu clapping from the audience, a lot of talent, and a lot of love and mutual admiration.

Highlights-- there were so many, here's an incomplete list:
Work Out Fine: "Help me out here--" crowd: "WHAT THE FUCK?!" "They're trying to turn me into a patsy!"
Bill Plaskett's Places: A lovely song written while Papa Plaskett was living in Vancouver about his life here. I never knew that he was the one harmonizing on a couple of the tracks. His voice is more baritone to Joel's tenor. His voice is deep, thick and lovely. I sincerely wish that this song will one day be released.
All The Way Down The Line: Joel and Ana had amazing chemistry and seeing it live made an amazing song simple ineffibly lovely.
Fashionable People: for encore-- I didn't think they could pull it off acoustically but it was a heck of a lot of fun!
A 3 set show: well, it was technically only 2 sets with an intermission in between, but the encore was 4 songs long so it was practically a mini-set. Much better than the "3 more!!!" that I yelled :)
2 standing ovations!

Grabbed the chicken-scratched custom Vancouver lyrics:

" Staring at a western sky
Rolling down the Rockies road
After a 14 hour drive
I only wanna be in vogue
Thinkin' bout my love back home
Thinkin' bout my country
Think I'll sing a little song "

Ana Egge
Rose Cousins
Bill Plaskett
More pics from the show (as well as a couple of Immaculate Machine's CD release the night before)