Saturday, May 2, 2009


Rely a bit too heavily on alcohol and irony
Get clobbered on by courtesy
In love with love and lousy poetry
And I'm leaning on this broken fence between past and present tense
And I'm losing all those stupid games that I swore I'd never play

Seeing the Weakerthans and the Constantines tonight with fellow blogger Alex(ofAnders). Looking forward to discovering more of the W.'s back stock as I only own Reunion Tour and a couple of previous singles. And the Cons are pretty much new to me.

It seems that people have strong opinions for only one of the bands versus the other. Or perhaps this is just a fake dichotomy stirred up on NxEW to encourage banter :) Either way, having only heard one song by the Cons (and unreleased, FYI) I'm firmly planted in the Weakerthans' camp. I'm looking to be challenged however, and would happily sit upon this particular musical fence.

Who knows, maybe I'll eventually dub this tour the Constanthans. (which is not a typo on Blogger, FYI)

Edit: day after concert
Weakerthans' Aside is officially more awesome than it already was.