Monday, September 7, 2009

Mother Mother - Touch Up

is a dark, dark album. I'm pretty sure the ending track (Little Hands) talks about a miscarriage/abortion. So ominous that it's almost un-West Coast-like.

I finally got this album after trolling for it in local record stores. As I had bought their sophomore (and latest) album O My Heart off iTunes, I wanted to make sure I had a physical copy of this album. It took a while to find.

Touch Up was released with Last Gang Records back in 2007. The line-up of Mother Mother has changed since its release, most notably the departure of Debra-Jean Creelman and the addition of Jasmin Parkin. As I had been introduced to the band via O My Heart, hearing Debra-Jean sing lead on Love and Truth off Touch Up really highlighted the change in lineup, since Ryan Guldemond rarely lets go of lead vocals in O My Heart.

In conclusion, Touch Up makes me wonder why this incredibly talented young band was so angry with life, and how the heck they manage to coat them with such melodic hooks and tangy, tight harmonies that they're actually appetizing.

So far, I like...
Dirty Town and the title track are instantly catchy.

Mother Mother is playing at the UBC Pit Pub this coming Saturday (September 12), featuring guests Said The Whale and Hannah Georgas. It's open to UBC students and guests... so better start bugging your student friends if you want to see these amazing artists this weekend!