Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rifflandia Weekend Recap in 5 words or less

As pictures are worth a thousand words each, I thought I'd keep it short.

Longest line-up: Mother Mother
Most improved: Aidan Knight
Best banter: Tegan and Sara
Grooviest: Zeus
Worst venue: Sugar Night Club
Best venue: Alix Goolden Hall
Best word-of-mouth: Holy Fuck

Most photogenic: Zeus (/Hey Rosetta!)
Surprisingly awesome: Timber Timbre
Most mesmerizing: Champion
Shortest set: Hey Rosetta!
Must see: Pink Mountaintops
Regrettably absent (sick): Final Fantasy
Regrettably missed: The Pack A.D. (friend's text: "Holy moley rock and roll just happened")
Rifflandia worth your money?: YES

Photos of each night at Rifflandia:
Thursday Night: Hannah Georgas, Timber Timbre, The Racoons, Shad, DJ Champion and his G-Strings
Friday Night: Aidan Knight, Tegan and Sara, Zeus, The Most Serene Republic
Saturday Night: CHAR2D2, Jon and Roy, Jets Overhead, Hey Rosetta!, Pink Mountaintops