Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Plotting & Planning for Rifflandia

Exciting times; new school year (with new research endeavors), new bachelorette pad (with the sister), new job, new breath of fresh air. And through all that, concert / festival season continues!

Next weekend (Sept. 24-26) I'll be in fair Victoria, BC to cover the Rifflandia Music Festival for NxEW. Likely lots of tweets, lots of pictures, and lots of setlists (I've gotten pretty good at grabbing those).

Next Wednesday night before I depart for the weekend, I'll be going to Basia Bulat's show at St. James Hall, hosted by the UBC Alta Mater Society. This saves me the grief of missing her set in Victoria.

I love her Facebook fan club page name the more I think about it -- Basia Bulat Fan Club: We Love These Woodland Nymph Songs! (It's pretty descriptive.)

So here's my tentative game plan, not taking into consideration how I'll get around ...

Thursday Sept. 24
Hannah Georgas @ 8:00 @ Metro Theatre (1411 Quadra Street)
Final Fantasy (picture, left) @ 9:30 @ Alix Goolden Hall (907 Pandora Avenue)
Shad @ 10:15 @ Market Square (560 Johnson Street)

Friday Sept. 25
I'll likely just stick around at either Sugar night club or Market Square. Most likely Sugar. (Choices, choices...)

Sugar (858 Yates Street)
Library Voices @ 9:30  
Zeus (picture, right) @ 10:15  
Cuff The Duke @ 11:15 
The Most Serene Republic @ 12:00am

Market Square

The Dudes @ 10:30
Mother Mother @ 11:30

Saturday Sept. 26
A toss up between Market Square or Metro Theatre. If it's possible logistically I'd catch Char2d2's set then get to Jets Overhead after.

Market Square
Jon and Roy @ 9:00
Jets Overhead @ 10:00
Hey Rosetta! @ 11:00
Buck 65 @ 11:45

Metro Theatre
Char2d2 @ 8:45
Jon-Rae Fletcher @ 9:45

And now I gotta run this schedule past my good friend Roger who is graciously housing me for a weekend, entertaining me while putting up with my relative absence. He'll be able to tell me if my schedule involves running across town in an impossibly short amount of time...