Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No stadium love this time

First time I let the price tag turn me away from attending a concert I intended on going: Metric playing the Orpheum November 3rd in Vancouver. After service charges and all those other B.S. charges, I simply cannot justify it on my starving student's budget. Bummed... their acoustic set back in April will have to tide me over until I've got a more stuffed wallet. Which gives me plenty of time to catch up with their discography.

Below is a in-depth interview with the band. I love Emily Haines' voice... it's so sensual, erotic yet precise. I've tried mimicking it and nope, cannot pull it off without feeling like a total creep stalking you while you're walking home. How does she make that sound sexy anyway?

(She reminds me of Uma Thurman a bit, actually.)