Monday, September 14, 2009

Plaskett Polaris Posters

I will soon have this up on my wall after just over a month of hunting, thanks to various helpful tweets (#twitterwin!), Steve Jordan at Polaris Music Prize and for Mike Holmes, the artist. Below is the Polaris shortlist poster for Joel Plaskett Emergency's Ashtray Rock from 2007. For those who are not familiar with JPE's work, the poster illustrates the lyrics to their single Fashionable People off Ashtray Rock. It's a fun song, and the poster reflects that playfulness really well.

[Edit Sept 16] Got the poster in the mail today! It has a few colour and font changes but the essence (and the awesome) remains. So good things do come to those who wait =)

Also in communication with Wendy Wan, the designer of Joel Plaskett's Three shortlist poster for 2009. Considerably more understated than the comic style which reflected Ashtray Rock's adolescent theme, the Three print shows the journey from "away" to home. I almost expected it to be a lot darker and less ... "pretty." All it's missing is the front porch light.

Make sure you get in contact with Wendy if you'd like a copy of the poster. There's only going to be a run of 30.